GW paper cutting machines are the high level choice for the printing shops which are designed by German and Japanese engineers. All GW cutting machines conform to the highest electrical safety design level of EU Protect standards.

K-S series conform to the highest electrical safety design level of EU.Protect your safety all the time. This series adopt 19´ touching screen, Yasakawa servo motor, bring back gauge speed up to 30m/min. From the outlook to safety standards are all combined the best German and Japanese technology .  

K-L series paper cutting machine is a high performance cutter supplied by GW.The machine equipped with 15 inch touching screen ,Panasonic servo motor and well known electrical components 
which ensure the machine high efficient and stable running .

K-T series is an economical type paper cutting machine developed by GW according to over 10 years paper cutting machine develop, produce experience and study, analyse of a large number of middle and small type customer´s requirements.Based on the quality and safety ,we adjust some functions of this machine to decrease the using cost and increase your 
competitive power .
Available Formats: 800mm; 920mm; 1150mm; 1370 & 1760mm
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