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KRUPA sro have been in bususiness of producing high quiality stamping dies for printing industry for over twenty years. Since 2017 we have been producing hot foil stamping dies for the hot foil blocking industry from brass. Our factory is equipt with the latest technology needed to create the very best quality brass foiling dies.

We produce high quality brass dies in-house using german CNC machines. Brass dies are used for a variety of products such as packaging, book covers and magazines, greetings cards, stationery, invitations, leather embossing and much much more. Some of many benefits of a brass die include:

Environmentaly friendly
Great at retaining heat
Excellent hot foil transfer
Superior hardness, long lasting
Sharp shoulders and a high definition finish
Excelent for all foil stamping applications
Multi-level embossing and debossing
Brass is the ideal metal for combination dies
Brass CNC dies are also suitable for flat foiling and reversal dies

We despatch within 24h from your order Europe wide

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